Etherley Parish Council


Etherley Parish Council which consists of 11 elected members meets monthly (except August) on the 2nd Thursday of each month. An agenda is published on this website and can also be found in the Village notice board located on the A68 just down from the entrance to the Community Centre. 

At the discretion of the Chair a meeting date may need to be changed – this is normally due to the Clerk having knowledge that the meeting may not be quorate or if a meeting date falls on an election date. 

In May two annual meetings take place - The Annual Parish Meeting followed by the Parish Council Annual General Meeting. 

The Annual Parish Meeting invites residents to come along to hear about the work which the Parish Council has undertaken during the previous 12 months and plans for the coming year. 

We see this meeting as a celebration of all the good work that takes place in our Parish and therefore pleased to present reports from other organisations within the Parish including: 

• Toft Hill Primary School
• Toft Hill and Etherley Community Association
• The Historical Society
• St. Cuthbert’s Church
• The Methodist Church
• Etherley Welfare
• Durham Police
• The Speedwatch volunteer group 

The Annual General meeting is a more formal meeting in line with local government procedures. Meetings are held in the Committee Room of Toft Hill Community Centre. The agenda for every meeting includes a 15 minute ‘Public Participation’ slot. This time is for residents/visitors to raise any queries or concerns they may have. Residents/visitors are welcome to stay for the full meeting but will not be permitted to contribute to discussions during other Agenda items. 

Important Files 

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Contact details:
Clerk: Alison Overfield
3 Greenfields High Etherley DL14 0LH
01388 833293 / 07940 402597